The County has established a required procedure to be followed in the event any vehicle driven in the course and scope of County business is involved in an accident, regardless of how minor. A copy of the procedure and a copy of the County of Riverside Confidential Report of Vehicle Accident Form (942-6) should be in the glove compartment of every County vehicle and other vehicles used in the course and scope of County business. The following is the Vehicle Accident Procedure.



Applicable to all Agencies, Departments and Districts Governed by The Board of Supervisors for the County of Riverside

In the event of an accident, the employee operating the vehicle shall take the following action:

  • For every accident, request the local police or the California Highway Patrol to conduct an investigation.
  • If the police refuse to come to the accident scene, advise them that this accident involves a government vehicle and their presence is requested.  
  • If the police still refuse to come to the accident scene, proceed with the remaining items below.


Immediately notify your supervisor/department head, County Safety Office, County Risk Management and, if the vehicle is owned or maintained by County Fleet Services, notify them as well.

  • County Safety Office’s phone number is (951) 955-3520. 
  • County Risk Management Office’s phone number is (951) 955-3540. 
  • County Fleet Service’s phone number is (951) 955-4660.

    DO NOT discuss details of the accident or the events leading thereto with anyone other than brief factual answers to questions of investigating officers. 

    • DO NOT embellish. 
    • DO NOT argue or try to place or accept blame for the accident.  
    • DO NOT attempt to negotiate or make any promise to other involved parties. 
    • DO NOT admit liability.

      Identify yourself to other parties.

      • Show your driver’s license to the other parties involved. 
      • Give the name of your Agency/Department/District 
      • Give your work telephone number 
      • Give the number of County Risk Management (951) 955-3540.

        Identify the driver(s) of the other vehicle(s) involved through their driver’s license(s). 

        • Inquire whether addresses shown are current.  
        • Ask for their insurance company name and policy numbers.  
        • Write this information on the County Confidential Report of Vehicle Accident Form 942-6 attached in the space provided.


          The law enforcement department with jurisdiction, the Agency/Department/District using the vehicle, County Risk Management and the County Safety Office may investigate circumstances surrounding the accident. Your cooperation with investigators representing the County is required. Inquiries from any other sources must be referred to County Risk Management.