WELCOME DSR! How can we help you?

Welcome Department Safety Representative (DSR)! How can we help you?

Welcome to the Department Safety Representative (DSR)webpage! The purpose of this webpage is to make relevant information and tools available to DSRs to fulfill their role and responsibilities. We will make available all content covered in our DSR Academy and other useful content relative to County operations. We welcome any feedback, content suggestions or ideas you may have regarding the DSR webpage to advance of workplace safety and health. Submit your comments, questions and suggestions to bteig@rivco.org


DSR Role and Responsibilities

Each department/agency/district is responsible for appointing a Departmental Safety Representative(s). Safety Representatives serve as coordinators responsible for the implementation of workplace safety programs, communication and the disbursement of information within their department or agency. They assist department/agency heads in ensuring that the department/agency complies with safety laws and regulations, and work with employees and supervisory personnel to resolve safety problems. It is recommended that at least one (1) safety representative be appointed for every two‑hundred (200) employees in a department/agency/district. For more DSR responsibilities see County Safety Manual Document 205 http://safety.rc-hr.com/SafetyCenter/SafetyManual.aspx


DSR Presentations and Handouts  

Useful Links to Safety Regulations, Standards and Program Resources

§ EditFederal OSHA Webpage

§ EditDivision of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)

§ EditThe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

§ EditThe National Safety Council

§ EditThe National Fire Protection Association