5 Characteristics of a Defensive Driver


Knowledge: Defensive drivers take the time to educate themselves about safe driving techniques.  They know how to recognize hazards and avoid collisions.  They know the traffic laws in their area.

Alertness: Defensive drivers are alert to traffic conditions that may affect their driving.  They pay attention to the traffic situation to the front, side and rear of their vehicles. 

Foresight: Defensive drivers know that their worst enemy is the unexpected.  They never assume the other driver will do the right thing.  They anticipate hazards by scanning the road to assess the traffic situation as far ahead as possible.

Judgment: Good drivers use common sense and knowledge to make decisions wisely and quickly.  They maintain control of their behavior, resisting the temptation to make risky maneuvers to get somewhere faster or to outmaneuver other drivers.

Skill: Defensive drivers develop the skills necessary to operate a vehicle properly and safely.